For those moments of liesure, or when business has to be discussed outside the confines of a corporate environment, this is the place. We promise you, the experience will be worth repeating, over and over again. With the growing business traffic in the city, and the increase in corporate operations, the number of conferences and seminars has also grown.

The need for well managed, reasonably priced venues, that provide all the necessary facilities, services and equipment is great

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Laxman Jhula Divine Resort

(A Unit of S.N. Forestry Ltd.)

Tapovan Laxman Jhula, Rishikesh

Telephone : +91 135 2442128

Delhi Sales Office

Anil Singh Gusain

(Head sales & Marketing)

Mobile : +91 8171957799

E-mail :


Laxman Jhula Divine Resort

Telephone : +91 135 2442129

Telephone : +91 135 2442244

E-mail :